December 15, 2015


Q: Who should take Birth Boot Camp classes?
A: Birth Boot Camp is designed for couples wanting a natural or semi- natural birth and wishing to avoid a cesarean. Both partners will be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. Visit Why Birth Boot Camp for more details on what you can expect to be covered in class.

Q: How much do classes cost?
A: Online classes cost $350 Please see my Class Schedule page for live class pricing in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.
Online Natural Birth Class

Q: What sets Birth Boot Camp apart from other programs?
A: Birth Boot Camp was created with today’s couples in mind. It is interactive, using the internet and social media. The materials are relevant and up-to-date. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to a complete course preparing you for a natural birth.

Q: Why do I need a childbirth class?
A: Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time. Why do we need a class to prepare us for something our body naturally does? Many dads have this question, especially when it involves spending money! Unfortunately, many of our ideas about birth come from the media, which rarely
presents birth in a positive — even enjoyable — manner. With each passing year, we become more comfortable with a rising cesarean rate. When a couple is trying to avoid interventions, medication, and a cesarean, it is crucial that they know their options and how to help themselves in the throes of labor. Birth Boot Camp gives you those tools and wants you to have fun along the way.

Q: What is covered in these natural childbirth classes?
A: Hot topics include:
* Nutrition and exercise
*Relaxation training
*Carefully choosing a care provider, birth place, and birth team
*Interventions and procedures — when you need them and when you don’t!
*The process of labor and birth
*An entire class just for the partner
*Ways to avoid a cesarean
*Immediate postpartum period
*Newborn testing & procedures including circumcision
*Breastfeeding initiation
*Parenting techniques to help you enjoy your new baby

Q: Do we have to be there for every class?
A: A series is ten weeks, which means you will spend ten weeks out of your entire pregnancy preparing for the big day! You are encouraged to set aside this special time every week to really focus on getting ready for birth. It is a fun, interactive, special time to ask questions and get to know other expecting couples, too! I think “clas night” will soon be your favorite night of the week. If for some reason you cannot make class however, you will have the opportunity to take up to four classes online so you won’t miss important information.