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Find the class for you

Classes are most effective when enrolling between your 25th and 30th week. Click here to calculate the best class for your due date.

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Why Birth Bootcamp?

Birth Boot Camp is a complete program designed to arm couples with the education to make informed decisions about pregnancy and birth. It includes accurate information from knowledgeable birth professionals. It is thorough, up-to-date and entertaining!

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Online classes

Online classes are available for your convenience. Can’t make it on the scheduled day or time? Live to far from me? C

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Parent’s Resources

With so much to learn and so little time, having a baby can get overwhelming, but not don’t worry…

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My love of natural childbirth began with

the birth of my first child at home with a midwife in 1989 followed by two more natural unmedicated at home births, in 1990 and 1993. Feeling empowered by my own birthing experience, and wanting to make a difference for other women, I decided to pursue an education in women’s health and mother-baby care through the Texas Department of health’s Documented Midwife program and held that documentation with the state for 5 years. During that time I supported many women in the natural childbirth process. I am forever in awe at the amazing strength and ability that birthing women possess, and I am honored and blessed to be teaching Birth Boot Camp Classes in Euless, Texas and the surrounding DFW area.



Be prepared

Birth Boot Camp gives you the foundation you need for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Learn about the process of labor and birth, procedures that happen during labor (in & out of the hospital), and relaxation/comfort techniques. Being informed of what is happening to your body is the best way to prepare for birth.

Eliminate Fear

For a lot of couples, their view of labor & birth is a fearful one. Our culture today makes birth something to be endured or even survived. However, when you take the time to educate yourself on the natural process of birth and how a woman’s body was created to give birth, a lot of that fear can be relieved.

Gain Confidence

Informing yourself on birth and eliminating any fear you may have gives the confidence a woman (and her partner) needs during labor and birth. Labor and birth is hard work and having confidence in the process helps give you the strength you need to bring your baby into the world!

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