Moses Basket Benefits

Why I Love the Moses Basket

Moses baskets are the best. I personally used a Moses basket with all three of my babies and I consider it a must have item to get you though the newborn stage. I paid an arm and a leg for a beautiful bassinet and not one of my babies slept in it once, not once, but they took to the Moses basket right away!  My last baby loved the basket so much she slept and napped in it daily. Moses baskets have been used for centuries, and make a perfect first bed for baby’s first three months especially for those daytime naps.

Portable and Light Weight 

Like it or not newborn babies do not like to be tucked away in another room, they like to be within smelling distance of their mom. You can place the basket on the bed in your room, place it on the sofa while you are in the living room or place it on the dryer while you fold clothes. Best kept secret: babies LOVE to sleep on the dryer while it is on. (Don’t leave baby unsupervised on the dryer but trust me the dryer is magic) The basket can be moved and taken anywhere you go. That goes for inside the house as well as trips to friends and family. Babies prefer a familiar place to sleep. (They just sleep better when they smell home)

Perfect Size

Babies like small compact spaces to sleep, as it makes them feel secure. Moses baskets gives the baby that snug feeling they crave, and encourages them to sleep. The size makes it perfect to keep baby close by wherever you are inside or outside of the house. I threw that basket in the trunk of my car every time I left the house, and baby always had a safe comfortable place to sleep wherever I went. It is also handy for stay-overs at other peoples house. The basket is perfect for keeping baby close at hand during the frequent afternoon and evening snooze. (I prefer to keep the baby next to me on the sofa, bed or floor therefor I recommend to skip buying the basket stand)

My Top Three Moses Baskets

Tadpoles Moses Basket is perfect to keep baby warm and cozy (Minky or Twisted Fur bedding is my favorite for winter babies)  Tadpole makes a very nice tightly woven basket (woven from pure Moroccan palm) for baby to sleep in, and its sturdiness makes this basket one of my top picks.  The only thing I dislike is the lack of a hood. Sometimes during the day you want to shade the baby’s face from the overhead light or a bright window, but that isn’t enough reason not to buy the basket. I’ve used a light baby blanket to tent the basket off the back of the sofa or other furniture and actually works just fine. Great basket.

Badger Moses Basket has a little looser weave than some baskets in my humble opinion and it seems a little lighter weight.  (around 5 pounds) This is simply an affordable basket but you are not getting top quality. If you want a basket to get you through the first three months of motherhood you’ve got it with this basket.  I do like the removable hood. My house is sunny and bright and when the lights are on the hood makes it easy to shade the baby. Don’t ever carry the baby in the basket. move the basket and then lay the baby inside to sleep. Badger baskets are made in the USA.

Lulyboo infant Travel Bed is my final recommendation, and is a Moses basket of the more modern kind. This is a great option and has a canopy to protect baby from the sun, and on the canopy is two soft hanging toys for baby to watch. I do think it is rather larger and not as snug, but some babies enjoy the extra room. The basket has a small pocket on the side to put a diaper or two and a nifty feature is it fold up. You can fold it up, so this is perfect for the mom on the go! Oh, and it has backpack straps on it so you can carry it on your back while you carry your baby in your hand….get out! This carrier is great for outside as well because it has a waterproof base to keep baby dry.

One of the many reasons why I love moses baskets is that even when the baby grows out of it, its a purchase that is still useful.  You can use it to store toys, linens diapering supplies, or anything you want! A great investment for the first precious months of caring for your new baby.


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